The Staff

The College’s culture and policies require that all staff be treated equally and that entry into the organization and progress are determined by merit and an objective assessment of individual skills, qualifications and performance.

No member of staff will be treated differently from another because of gender, age, marital status, pregnancy, race, religion or sexual orientation. All staff will have equal opportunities for training and development.



Raphel Assafuah Introduction to Quantitative Methods
Eugene Thompson Introduction to Accounting
Alvin Bowen Introduction to Marketing and Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication
Mark Evans Quantitative Methods for Business and Management, Mathematics
Colin Chichester Skills for Success/Managing People and Personnel Administration, ABE Level 4 Introduction to Business.
Ibi-Mina DeCunha ABE Level 4 Introduction to Communication.
Chetram Ramdial Introduction to Accounting
Jason Duport Personnel Administration/Managing People


Henry Lewis Managing the Customer’s Relations and Human Resource Management, Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, Principles of Business Law
Lindel Harlequin Organizational Behavior
Managing the Customer Relationship
Randolph Scott How to Write a Marketing Plan and Fundamentals of Marketing, The Business Environment, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, CXC Economics
Jennifer Cipriani Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication,
Finance and Accounting
Eugene Thompson
Abraham Ogowewo
Organizational Behaviour
Randolph Scott Communication Skills for Managers, Leadership Skills for Managers, How to write a Marketing Plan, Fundamentals of Marketing
Colin Chichester What Managers So
Abraham Ogowewo Leadership Skills for Managers, What Managers Do
Ronley Kendall Fundamentals of Human Resources
Devindranauth Bissoon Introduction to Project Management


Jennifer Cipriani Marketing (CIM)


Advanced Diploma in Project Management
Lorraine Lord Advance Diploma in Project Management


Darryl Warner Mathematics
Randolph Critchlow English A
Ewart Abrams English A
Mark Boodie English A
Mark Evans Mathematics
Ewart Sampson Mathematics
Doodnauth Jagassar Office Administration, Principles of Business
Eugene Thompson Principles of Accounting
Marvin Cato Human and Social Biology, Integrated Science
Saraswati Mangra Chemistry, Physics
Orlando Braithwaite Biology
Patricia Sharpe Social Studies
Yvonne Moses Information Technology, Certificate in Microsoft Office
Andrew Hutson Physics, Chemistry
Nikita Wilson Biology

Board of Governors

  • James Bovell
  • Henry Lewis
  • ValerieInniss
  • Carl Hanoman
  • Sheldon Hazelwood
  • Ibi-Mina DeCunha
  • Paul Chan A Sue
  • ArunaAzeez (Student Governor)
  • BholnauthRamraj (Parent Governor)

Quality Improvement Unit

  • Owen Ramsey (Quality Expert)
  • Leah Swain
  • James Bovell, MBA
  • Ibi-Mena DeCunha

Quality Assurance Unit


  • Mr. Henry Lewis
  • Mr. Abraham Ogowewo
  • Mr. James Bovell
  • Ms. Germaine VanSluytman
  • Ms. Anna Edun
  • Kamila Ibbott
  • Ms. Valarie Inniss
  • Ms. Ibi-Mina DeCunha
  • Jason Duport
  • Colin Chichester

Lewis Chairman
Committee Member
Committee Member
Committee Member
Quality Coordinator
Quality Coordinator
Quality Manager

Heads of Department

  • Mr. Brian Bovell
  • Ms. Tracy Milner
  • Ms. Valarie Innis
  • Ms. Ibi-Mina DeCunha
  • Mr. Romel Griffith
  • Stephanie Babulall

Accounts Department
Administrative Manager
Quality Manager
Data Base Administrator
Reprographics and cafeteria Supervisor

Heads of Department

The Director :
The Secretary :
Heads of Department :
Coordinator :

James Bovell
Valerie Inniss
Romel Griffith, Stefanie Babulall, Tracy Milner,
Anna Edun, Kamila Ibbott