Berbice Branch

In April 2007, The Business School expanded operations to Region 6. The new branch is located at 19 Pope Street, New Amsterdam and provides tuition for a number of regional and international examinations, including:

  • Caribbean Secondary Education Council – CSEC
  • Association of Business Executives – ABE
  • University of Cambridge International – UCLES
  • American Management Association – AMA
  • Certified Accounting Technician – CAT

The college offers programs which attract high school students, employed and unemployed individuals. The various academic programmes are flexible and affordable and will allow individuals to be successful at CXC examinations and to pursue career ambitions in Accountancy, Management and Business Management.

Students have access to all facilities offered at the main campus including online computer examinations, state of the art tuition delivery, and up-to-date materials.

Berbice has been experiencing development in infrastructure and commercial activities; however, the delivery of quality service has lagged behind. A recent survey indicates that there is a definite need for quality educational services in the area. Our intention is to partner with both the private and public sectors in order to improve the level of human resources in the county.