Admission Requirements

All Form 5 students are automatically eligible to sit the May/June exams in subject areas of their choosing.

Form 4 students can opt to write subjects early depending on the subject area and upon approval from the respective subject lecturer.

Students are required to show up to their exams in a timely manner. They should also be well dressed and well equipped with the necessary stationery needed to adequately complete the exam.

External assessment is under the direct control of CXC and is usually conducted using a set of multiple choice items and a set of essay or short response questions. However, some subjects, for example, Electronic Document Preparation and Management and Visual Arts have different types of external assessment modes.

Internal assessment is usually described as School-Based Assessment (SBA). Its main activity includes teachers‟ assessment of specified assignments set according to guidelines provided by CXC. Although the format of assignments may differ for some subjects, there are a number of common requirements as follows:

(i) candidates must undertake specified assignments over a given period of time, fulfilling specific skills as outlined by the syllabus;
(ii) class teachers must assess the work and submit the marks to CXC;
(iii) CXC moderates the marks awarded by the teachers; and
(iv) candidates‟ final grades include the marks awarded as a result of this process.

CXC ensures adherence to a common standard and consistency by:

(i) the use of moderation procedures;
(ii) providing assistance to territories in mounting orientation workshops for teachers in setting assignments, guiding students and assessing assignments; and
(iii) providing feedback reports for teachers on the moderation results.