Corporate Training

The Business School New Corporate Training Department was established in September, 2017. This department was established to cater for the changing dynamics in the Guyanese economy, including corporate needs.

The mission of the department is to help private and public sectors organisations achieve high levels of efficiency and competitive advantage, through a cadre of well-trained employees. The department also provides training to individuals for job entry positions and career advancement.

How can our Corporate Training help your Organization?

Organisations need employees who embrace the company’s mission, vision and values. Our training will help organisations achieve their goals and objectives through preparing employees to achieve immediate productivity gains, and career advancement.

Well trained employees are the most important component toward gaining competitive advantage, while contributing to employee satisfaction and retention.

What Programme We Offer?

The Business School offers a number of “Stand-alone Seminars”, which last from 1 day to 4 days. Actually, we have 98 such Seminars dealing with a wide range of Corporate Training areas (see our website- for a comprehensive list).

We have also effectively combined our seminar topics into a number of short courses, ranging from 6-8 weeks along the following themes:

  • Core Office Functions
  • Developing Collaborative Relationships
  • Professional Development for Capacity Building
  • Professional Development for Supervisors/ Managers
  • Workplace Onboarding
  • Writing and Communication
  • Social Emotional Learning and Service Integration

In addition to short courses and seminars, we offer programs aimed towards employers looking to develop their workforce into a robust and flexible professional body.

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