Professional Development Certification Courses

In addition to short courses and seminars, we offer programs aimed towards employers looking to develop their workforce into a robust and flexible professional body.

As an employer, you set out to achieve success and meet your business goals as you build your company. Training your staff makes it easier to do this as it enables you to delegate and assign roles you know they’re prepared for.

In addition, your staff will also know the procedures and strategies needed to elevate their job performance.


Train-The-Trainer February 2018 9AM-5PM
Communication Stategies February 2018 9AM-5PM
Human Resource Management February 2018 9AM-5PM
Conducting Annual Employee Reviews February 2018 9AM-5PM
Interpersonal Skills March 2018 9AM-5PM
Teamwork and Team Building March 2018 9AM-5PM
Supervising Others March 2018 9AM-5PM
Coaching and Monitoring March 2018 9AM-5PM
Leadership and Influence March 2018 9AM-5PM
Time Management March 2018 9AM-5PM
Team Building for Managers April 2018 9AM-5PM
Goals setting and getting things done April 2018 9AM-5PM
Developing New Managers April 2018 9AM-5PM
Meeting Management April 2018 9AM-5PM

Employers interested in booking private sessions for their staff at a mutually convenient date and time can Contact Us  for more info.