The Corporate Training Department offers seminars for workplace staff and business professionals looking to improve their skillset and marketability.

Our seminars are short and detailed, with the main goal being to train and educate business professionals or workplace staff to manage common problems or issues that they may face on a regular basis.

These sessions encourage dialogue, networking and new ideas while improving skills.

Course Categories & Target Groups:

  • Administrative Skills
  • Career Development
  • Personal Development
  • Workplace Essentials
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Supervisors & Managers

The courses in this category introduce the approaches and techniques needed to operate an efficient office or support team.

  • Basic office administration functions and essential roles
  • Essential elements for successful meeting management
  • Social Media in Workplace Communications.
  • Integrating key processes needed to manage and bring value to suppliers and customers relationships.

Target Groups:

  • Administrative Support Professionals: Junior Managers/Supervisors, Records management officers, Executive secretaries, Administrative Assistants, Administration Officers or persons preparing for those roles.
  • Other interested persons.

The courses in this category target trending development areas and skill sets needed to form a work identity that brings value to the workplace.

  • Learn the new rules of work
  • Identify with the skills needed to transition and for professional networking
  • Learn how to lead yourself
  • Develop a professional image

Target Groups:

  • Persons looking to enhance their chances of employment – new jobs, excel at current ones – promotions, or redefining themselves: new Careers.
  • Generally Interested Persons.

The courses in this category enhance leadership and social skills. Topics focus on:

  • Values and basic approaches with respect to managing employees and customers.
  • Important issues which form the foundation of a progressive and successful institution.
  • Key areas needed to manage personal roles required to execute responsibilities and tasks.

Target Groups:

Aimed at:

  • Managers and Supervisors or generally persons transitioning from junior to senior roles.
  • Other Interested persons

The Topics in this category focus on the knowledge and skills necessary for effective workplace performance.

  • Ensure positive implications for the workplace environment
  • Provide accurate and important knowledge to help workplace relationships be successful and productive.
  • Address elements needed for worker satisfaction and safety.
  • Provide important knowledge needed to manage workplace relationships and manage transition to the work environment.

Target Groups:

Topics aimed at :

  • New Team Members, Junior Supervisors and Managers.
  • Persons preparing to join the Workforce.
  • Other Interested persons.

The topics in this category focus on specific marketing and sales activities needed to exploit opportunities and maintain profitability.

  • Overview of Marketing
  • Effective Budget Management
  • Approaches to maximise short-term sales and profits: better sales technique, customer service skills and marketing expertise.

Target Groups:

Topics aimed at:

  • Technical sales professionals, Account Managers, Business Development staff and Managers.
  • Other Interested persons

The topics in this category focus on leadership skills, progressive behaviours and strategies to recruit and manage employees.

  • Recruitment
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Administration
  • Employee Productivity
  • Training

Target Groups:

  • Supervisors, Managers, Administrative support personnel.
  • Other interested persons.

Tools and information needed to improve management, leadership and business skills and obtain peak performance from employees.

Target Groups:

  • Supervisors, Managers
  • Junior Staff transitioning to supervisory or management positions
  • Interested Persons.

Course Schedules

Administrative Office Procedures February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Administrative support February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Being a Likeable Boss February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Collaborative Business Writing February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Communication strategies February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Conducting Annual Employee Reviews February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Emotional Intelligence February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Employee Motivation February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Employee Recognition February 2018. 9AM-5PM
High Performance Teams Remote Workforce February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Hiring Strategies February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Human Resourse Management February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Internet Marketing Fundamentals February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Middle Manager February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Motivating Your Sales Team February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Multi-Level Marketing February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Networking Within the Company February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Safety in the Workplace February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Sales Fundamentals February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Social Intelligence February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Train-The -Trainer February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Women in Leadership February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Workplace Diversity February 2018. 9AM-5PM
Budget and Finacial Report March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Business Acumen March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Business Ethics March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Business Etiquette March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Business Writing March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Call Centre Training March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Civility in the Workplace March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Coaching and Monitoring March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Coaching Salesperson March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Conflict Resolution March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Contract Management March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Crative Problem sloving March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Customer Service March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Customer Support March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Employee Recruitment March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Employee Termination Processes March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Entrepreneurship March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Event planning March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Interpersonal Skills March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Knowledge Management March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Leadership and Influence March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Office Politics for Managers March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Oeganizational Skills March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Performance Management March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Personal Branding March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Social Media in the Workplace March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Stress Management March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Supervising others March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Supply Chain Management March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Team Building for Managers March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Teamwork and Team Building March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Telephone Etiquette March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Telework and Telecommuting March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Time Management March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Workplace Harassment March 2018. 9AM-5PM
Cyber Security April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Delivering Constructive Criticism April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Developing Corporate Behavior April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Developing New Managers April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Executive and Personal Assistants April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Facilitation Skills April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Goals setting and Getting things done April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Handlin a difficult Customer April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Health and Wellness at Work April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Learn Process and Six Sigma April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Manager Management April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Marketing Basics April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Media and Public Relations April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Meeting Management April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Presentation Skills April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Project Management April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Proposal Writing April 2018. 9AM-5PM
Risk assessment and Management April 2018. 9AM-5PM

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