Short Courses

Our short courses are geared to help professionals advance, change or refocus their careers.  In addition, we support organisations with custom education solutions. We understand that certain concepts need a longer duration for proper absorption and student evaluation and have outlined specific study areas which will meet the trending demands of Guyanese businesses.

  • Core Office Functions
  • Developing Collaborative Relationships
  • Professional Development for Capacity Building
  • Professional Development for Supervisors/Managers
  • Workplace Onboarding
  • Writing & Communication
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Service Integration


Program Structure:

For each course, there are a combination of core instruction modules and electives. Students must complete all of the core instruction modules and at least 1 elective to be awarded a certificate.

There are several core functions needed to make a lasting impression on your clients and to ensure return business. Learn what these functions are and how they help to ensure business continuity and growth, reduce misunderstandings, enhance employee buy-in and support a smooth work environment.

Administrative Office Procedures Core Instruction
Marketing Basics Core Instruction
Customer Service (elements of Customer support + Handling a difficult customer) Core Instruction
Archiving and Records Management Core Instruction
Administrative Support Elective
Event Planning Elective

Organisation leaders know it is essential that the behavior and characteristics of their employees be aligned with the corporate standards expected by the organisation. Learn the basics of corporate behavior and how you can, or help others to, make a valuable contribution to the work environment.

Developing Corporate Behaviour Core Instruction
Time Management Core Instruction
Business Etiquette Core Instruction
Employee Onboarding including how to address generation gaps with particular attention to Millennial Onboarding Core Instruction
Telephone Etiquette Core Instruction
Safety in the Workplace Core Instruction
Business Ethics Elective
Civility in the Workplace Elective

Organisations engage in a number of collaborative relationships– customers, suppliers, employees- to ensure its success. Develop the requisite skills needed to manage relational behavior and networks as you co-ordinate joint action for success.

10 Soft Skills you need Core Instruction
Networking – Outside and Inside of the Company Core Instruction
Organisational Skills Core Instruction
Team Work and Team Building Core Instruction
Office Politics for Managers Elective
Team Building for Managers including how to develop High Performance Teams Elective

Employees today must ensure that their business writing is accurate, creates a great impression of themselves, reflects well on the brand of their employer and has the desired impact on their readers. In short, in today’s information overload world, it’s vital that you communicate clearly, concisely and effectively. This course explains critical concepts needed to enhance your writing and communication skills.

Business Writing Core Instruction
Communication Strategies Core Instruction
Presentation Skills + Body Language basics Core Instruction
Proposal Writing Core Instruction
Collaborative Business Writing Elective
Creative Problem Solving Elective
Public Speaking Elective

Walk away with new knowledge and skills that you can apply at work tomorrow as you gain a keen understanding of key functions of management and learn how to manage others and coach for excellence.

Leadership and Influence + Supervising Others+ Interpersonal Skills + Being a Likeable boss Core Instruction
Change Management + Negotiation Skills Core Instruction
Meeting Management Core Instruction
Basic Book keeping + Budgets and Financial reports Core Instruction
Critical thinking + Conflict Resolution+ Crisis Management Core Instruction
Employee Motivation + Performance Reviews+ Delivering Constructive Criticism Core Instruction
Project Management Elective
Risk Assessment and Management Elective
Developing New + Middle Management Skills Elective

Learn how to prepare individuals and groups within your organization to adapt to new technologies, markets, challenges and change.

Train-the-Trainer Core Instruction
Delivering Constructive Criticism Core Instruction
Facilitation Skills Core Instruction
Talent Management Core Instruction
Measuring Results from Training Core Instruction
Workplace Diversity Elective
Developing Creativity Elective

Acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to manage emotions, build healthy relationships, set goals and make decisions in the work environment.

Emotional Intelligence Core Instruction
Social Intelligence + Social Learning Core Instruction
Social Media in the Workplace Core Instruction
Stress Management + Anger Management + Attention Management Core Instruction
Taking Initiative + Assertiveness and Self Confidence Elective
Appreciative Inquiry Elective

Learn how to manage multiple service suppliers to ensure the success of your business.

Supply Chain Management Core Instruction
Contract Management Elective
Project Management Elective

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