Our Mission

To prepare our children for success by ensuring that they acquire through play and organised activities, all the necessary physical, social and cognitive skills needed for later schooling and life.

The Playchool Programme is investment in the future. Our aim is to prepare our children as they begin the journey that will eventually lead them into Nursery school and beyondas a successful lifelong learner. In the short term, our playschool teachers will focus on preparing our children to acquire a full breath of developmental skills.

We will introduce much of the scheduled activities that will make transition to nursery school an easy one. The playchoolers are taught in small groups and benefit from the learning centres we have to offer:

  • Manipulative Centre
  • Book Centre
  • Dramatic Play Centre
  • Art& Craft Centre
  • And more….

Skills for Playschool Children

  • To develop visuals skills
  • To develop listening skills
  • To develop early language and reading skills
  • To develop early mathematical skills
  • To develop self-help skills, social and emotional development
  • To develop the concept of position and direction
  • To develop the concept of colour
  • To develop the concept of texture
  • To develop the concept of time

Ermsville  Playschool programme has been designed to cover all these fundamental areas of learning and introduces your children to all the preschool skills of learning.