The curriculum means more than just lessons. It includes the atmosphere, attitudes and relationships, which create a high quality of life in school as a whole.

Our curriculum aims to motivate pupils, improve their attentiveness and allow them to make good progress across all subjects. Other aims of our curriculum are:

  • To provide a caring and supportive school experience.
  • To promote equality of opportunity regardless of gender, race or culture through the content and delivery of the curriculum.
  • To prepare students not only for the world of work, but also for leisure, which will give them personal satisfaction.
  • To provide opportunities both in the curriculum and extra curricular activities which will enable the pupils to take responsibility for themselves and develop their self-respect and confidence.

The grading system at The Business School

A = 100 – 85    B =  84 – 65   C =  64 – 50   D =  49 – 45    Below 45 Fail

Promotion to the Upper Grade

Students must secure a 50% average to be eligible for promotion to the next form. Students securing a 0 – 44% average score will be required to repeat that grade.

Students who receive an average of 45 to 49% will be promoted on trial. The student’s performance is reassessed at the end of the first term in the next grade to determine whether he/she can remain there.

School Schedule

Warning Bell and Registration  08:45 hours – 09:00 hours

Period 1 09:00 hours 09:40 hours
Period 2 09:40 hours 10:20 hours
Break  10:20 hours – 10:40 hours
Period 3 10:40 hours 11:20 hours
Period 4 11:20 hours 12:00 hours
Lunch  12:00 hours – 1:00 hours
Period 5 13:00 hours 13:40 hours
Period 6 13:40 hours 14:20 hours
Period 7 14:20 hours 15:00 hours

All students registered for our High School must agree to obey the rules of the school.

  • Students must not leave the school site during the school period without written parental permission, approval by the school administration, signing out at the office as you leave and signing in when you return. In case of difficulty a pass must be obtained.
  • School uniform must be worn correctly. The following are not permitted: Skirts above the knee,excessive jewelry, (students are permitted one pair of small earrings, one finger ring (girls), makeup on face, elaborate hairstyles, artificial nails and brightly coloured fingernails. Boys are permitted one ring and no earrings).
  • Students must not be seen on the streets, school compound etc. with rags or towels in their hands, around their necks or shoulders, or hanging out of their pockets.
  • Chewing gum and smoking are not permitted on the school site. Do not bring valuable items (e.g. Ipods, computer games) to school.
  • Food may only be eaten in The Cafeteria
  • Students must not damage any of the school’s assets e.g. furniture, windows, equipment, cables etc.
  • Sitting on desks, tables, chair arms and rails are not allowed.
  • Insolence and insubordination to teachers will not be tolerated
  • No two students should be seen in a position that can be considered intimate or compromising.
  • Students must not be seen at questionable places like the City’s Garden, Hotels, Cinemas, Arcade etc. wearing the school uniform.
  • Home work is compulsory at The Business School.
  • The School’s jersey can only be worn on Fridays or at special events.
  • Students will not be permitted to write examinations at the school unless they are fully dressed in the school’s uniform.
  • Students are not permitted to walk with sharp/dangerous implements such as razor blades, knives, guns, etc. We reserve the right to conduct random searches of students’ bags/person.
  • No cellular telephones or paging devices are allowed on school premises. Emergency telephone calls can be made and received via the school’s office.