The Business School is co-educational. Its community of students, faculty administrators, teachers and staff are committed to fostering a positive learning environment and addressing the students’ individual needs and differences. We prepare our students not only for high academic achievement but to be productive citizens, lifelong learners and responsible and caring individuals.

We are committed towards providing exemplary educational standards, and training students for efficient service to self, family and community.

Our philosophy recognizes five dimensions of the person: spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and emotional. To encourage spiritual development the college has a programme that teaches students morals, ethical values and respect for others.

The school provides students with a variety of extracurricular activities in order to help them become aware of their individual talents and limitations.

The students’ emotional needs are met through the combined efforts of the teachers and visiting counsellors /motivational speakers etc.

The students’ physical needs are addressed by physical education, internal inter-house competitions and inter-schools athletics programmes.