Student Welfare


The Business School is a small college that offers a range of student support services for learners.

From the registration process to the completion of studies, learners have access to a number of student support services facilities.

Induction Exercises

Every student registering for a course is exposed to an induction session.
These sessions inform students regarding:

  1. Course outlines
  2. Location of the physical facilities. For example: toilets, computer and science laboratory, reprographics centre, canteen and library.
  3. Accessing the various facilities
  4. Evacuation Procedures
  5. Examination dates and requirements
  6. Student/class/course representatives
  7. Complaint and appeals procedures
  8. Answers to all their queries etc.

Academic Support

Academic support is offered to students via training in:

  1. Study techniques
  2. Examination preparation techniques
  3. Time and stress management
  4. Academic writing and oral presentation tips
  5. Group advice sessions

These sessions are offered to students before examinations are written.

Personal Support

Students who are feeling overwhelmed with their studies or have some emotional stress or anxiety can see the college’s Counselor for advice and guidance.

Online Support

Students are provided with online support in the areas of:

  1. Revision session
  2. Practice examinations
  3. Past papers
  4. Access to online tutor assistance

Please note that our online portal is currently undergoing major restructuring to add greater value to students.