Computerized Accounting

This course is designed to provide students with opportunities to acquire and apply the knowledge of business concepts and office skills to meet the demands of today’s business environment.

You will be given a hands-on experience with the following industry leading accounting applications:

  • Quickbooks Accounting
  • Quickbooks Point-of-Sale
  • Peachtree Accounting



Students will attain an invaluable skillset that will aid them in the competitive job market. Knowledge of Quickbooks and Peachtree will guarantee an entry level Accounting job, a promotion, or a possible pay raise from your employer. You will also have the fundamentals needed to pursue higher qualifications such as ACCA.

  1. Applicants must be 18 years or older
  2. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access preferred.
  3. CXC Grade 2 or higher in Principles of Accounts, Mathematics, and English preferred.
  4. At least two (2) years accounting experience if the other requirements aren’t met.
  5. Students are expected to have prior experience using spreadsheet based software such as Microsoft Excel. If not, they are advised to take a course in the software.

Students are required to attend at least 80% of each course to be eligible to write the exam. The courses are graded as follows:

80 – 100%            A

65 – 79%              B

50 – 64%              C

Upon completion of the exam, students will receive a certificate no later than one (1) week. Any student that fails to attain a pass in any course will not be assessed or given a certificate. A rewrite of the course is optional.

Upon completion of the entire course, students will receive a diploma honoring their completion.

Exams will always be written on the last course session.

Package Courses Individual Cost Package Cost
Computerized Accounting Quickbooks Accounting $12,000 $35,000
Quickbooks POS $12,000
Peachtree Accounting $12,000

Registration fee is $5000 GYD

All course material (manuals, exercises, etc.) are free of cost.

At least 50% of the individual course cost must be paid at the starting of the course. The remainder must be paid before the final session of the course.

All prices listed will incur a 14% VAT