Policies & Procedures

Registration Process

For student registration to be completed, the student must submit:

  • a completed registration form
  • proof of qualifications if applicable
  • copy of birth certificate
  • letter of recommendation from employer if applicable
  • copy of marriage certificate if applicable
  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • ID card or passport

On completion of the registration process each student will receive the following documents:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Identification Card
  • Timetable

It is critical that the college be notified immediately of any changes of the student’s name. Changes should be communicated in writing and addressed to the Programme Coordinator.

The Business School’s strong academic offerings have generated significant public interest and some media coverage. If for any reason you do not wish to be photographed, videotaped, or otherwise contacted by the media, immediately inform the Administrative Officer.


  • The student is made aware of the program(s) being offered by The Business School via inquiry, media, TV, Social Media TBS Website, TBS representative, etc.
  • Interview with quality coordinator
  • Student completes TBS Registration form
  • Student financial requirements including registration fees, exam fees, library fees are entered into the system
  • Students are then directed to the payment desk to pay for programme and receive a receipt (there are a number of student plans available, and students can select the plan they want before making payments)
  • The student then makes a visit to the Document Centre for preparation of their student ID Card
  • The student then returns to the quality coordinator to uplift his/her student package upon presentation of receipt. The student package includes welcome letter, timetable, fees policies, students’ complaint procedure, and college rules.
  • All new students are expected to attend an induction meeting which may occur before or after registration.

Attendance Policy

Attending classes regularly and punctually is necessary for the academic growth and examination success of students at TBS. it is students’ responsibility to ensure that their academic grades/goals are not negatively impacted by absences or tardiness.

Attendance in Class

All courses at The Business School carry an attendance requirement necessary for success in that programme. Students are required to report their intended absences from classes to TBS administration. Students must contact the College’s office by phone whenever they are going to be absent. The following reasons are sufficient cause for an excused absence: a) illness, b) death in the family, c) inclement weather. In the event that extraordinary circumstances require that the student be absent from the College, contact via email to the College’s email address ([email protected]) will be accepted.

All students on medical leave must provide documented evidence for such absences. Students that have valid and other medical excuses for absences will not be penalized if they fail to make the entry requirements of a particular programme. However, where no such valid explanation exists for absences that are above the attendance requirement, students may be prevented from writing final exams. In these cases, an appeal may be made by students to the Quality Manager/Director.

TARDINESS – Classes at The Business School begin promptly at 5:00pm, and it is critical that all students be prepared to begin instruction on time. Therefore, students must arrive at school before 5:00pm. A student who is late misses valuable instruction time and conveys an unacceptable lack of regard for the College and fellow classmates.

ILLNESS – In order to prevent the spread of communicable diseases at the College, the following guidelines have been developed. Please do not attend classes if you have any symptoms of illness. This will assist in preventing the spread of infections and contagious diseases as well as help improve attendance in general.

These guidelines should be used to help determine whether or not you should attend classes. If you have any of the symptoms listed below, please do not attend classes:

  • Cold symptoms such as: runny nose, congestion or persistent cough
  • Body temperature of 100 degrees and above. Symptoms to watch for are flushed face, chills, pallor, and skin that feels warm to the touch.
  • Diarrhea or vomiting in the last 12 hours
  • Sore throat for longer than 2 days, especially if it is associated with swollen nodes or a rash
  • Red, inflamed, swollen or discharging eyes; sores with drainage or other lesions
  • A persistent rash that is not allergy related

If more than 50% of students are absent at the beginning of the class, it is necessary for the lecturer to postpone that class for a later date.

Fee Policy

  • All fees are payable in advance before the term or month on the applicable payment plan. Students must pay fees one week before the closing date for registration. A late registration fee is payable if seats are available for students registering.
  • Fees are not refundable or transferable. However, some consideration may be given to students who withdraw at least one week before the commencement of classes.
  • There is no refund of registration fees.
  • No refund is given to students expelled for disciplinary reasons.
  • All refunds of fees must be approved by the Administrative Director.
  • Late payment charges may be imposed on any outstanding balances and for fees not paid before the stipulated payment deadline.
  • Students who have outstanding balances can have transcripts and/or examination results withheld until the outstanding balance is paid.
  • Students who have payment arrears will have to pay all fee balances before they can register for new classes.
  • The College has payment plans for all academic programmes. Any student can access these plans.
  • The College will bring legal proceedings against any student whose fees are in arrears for more than one month after leaving the College, and after repeated contact has failed to have the balance liquidated.
  • All tuition fees must be paid before exam fees are paid.
  • Students must inform Management of all financial difficulties which can result in your studies or exams being curtailed. There are options that the College can exercise to assist the student through financial difficulties.
  • Students are not entitled to a refund if they decide to discontinue a programme once it has started.
  • Students can transfer fees not yet utilized to another programme.
  • Students cannot transfer fees to another student.
  • Students cannot transfer fees to another educational organization.

Leave of Absence

Students shall request a leave of absence in writing which is to be submitted to the administration. An interview will then be arranged with the requesting student.

Fees are not refundable if a leave of absence is granted. Those fees can however, be used when the student returns to classes. Students who choose not to return to classes after a leave of absence are not entitled to a refund.

Students must be in good standing for a leave of absence to be granted.

The College does not grant a leave of absence in excess of one academic year. However, leave of absence can be granted for more than one academic year if it is for medical or religious reasons. Leave of absence for medical reasons cannot exceed two academic years. Thereafter, the student is considered withdrawn from the programme. A refund will not be considered.

Discontinuation of Programme

It is the student’s right to withdraw from a programme or a module of a programme. However, withdrawals from a programme or module may have financial or academic consequences (please see points 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 and 13 of the fees policy).

In light of the implications involved in withdrawing from a programme or module, students are advised to pursue this course of action only if there is no other alternative. A student should first consult with the lecturer to determine the amount of the course content covered thus far and their current grade based on the grade criteria stated in the syllabus.

Students should also consult with the Evening Administrator and/or Programme Coordinator of The Business School to explore options that may result in a mutually beneficial conclusion. Requests for withdrawal should be done in writing and addressed to the Evening Administrator. Students can appeal decisions made by the Evening Administrator with the Director. Decisions made by the Director are final.

Transfer of Credits

The College does not have a system of credit transfer. The programmes for which we are accredited to provide tuition do not provide for the transfer of credits or the reallocation of credits.

There is however, a process of receiving exemptions for various courses based on past experience or qualifications. In every external course the exemptions are carefully spelled out. However, students and the College can, and do write to awarding bodies seeking exemptions for students with certain qualifications not recognized or not included on the list of exemptions of the awarding bodies.

Transfer of Programme

Students requesting a transfer from one academic programme to another must complete a “Transfer Application Form”. Students transferring to another programme must satisfy the entry requirements of the programme being transferred to. All requests to transfer to a different programme must be done well in advance before the term in which the requested transfer, if granted, commences.

Students may not transfer to a higher level of programme, if the programme stipulated that in order to move to the higher level, students must successfully complete the lower level.