Online Courses

American Management Association (AMA) self-study courses are world recognized for their ability to meet training and development needs. Now we have them available to those who need flexibility and freedom from the classroom..

AMA courses are self-paced and consist of written course work with chapter review questions. You may access the lessons any day of the week at any time of the day or night. All courses run for 12 weeks, and all lessons are available for the duration of the course.

To have a grade of successful completion on your grade report, you must make a minimum grade of 70% on the final exam.

The Business School, in cooperation with and the American Management Association (AMA), is offering the following Certificate Programs:

  • Success Skills In The Workplace
  • Customer Satisfaction Management
  • Quality Improvement Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Business Communications Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Administrative Professional

The biggest challenge for some students appears to be self-discipline. Some students have difficulty handling the flexibility of the lesson scheduling. You need to set aside time to do the lessons on a regular basis so that you will not get behind. Decide each week when you will complete the lessons and take the quizzes, then do your best to stick with your plan!