American Management Association

The American Management Association is a corporate training and  consulting group providing a variety of management development services. Established in 1913, it is now the world’s largest and leading management development organization.

AMA is the proud publisher of a host of books from authors like Brian Tracy and Philip Kotler that drive professional and personal growth through its AMACOM Book Publishing Division.

Organizations worldwide, including the majority of the Fortune 500, turn to AMA as their trusted partner in professional development.

In 2004, The Business School partnered with the American Management Association to offer AMA University Program courses and certificates and has been keeping abreast of revised materials and course outlines since.

AMA certificate courses can cost as much as US$3,495; Register with the Business School Inc., to gain access to the same superior management development training and pay much less.

American Management Association (AMA)

Recognized as One of Training Industry’s Top 20 Leadership Training Providers of 2017

American Management Association (AMA) is proud to have been selected as an industry leader in this category for the 8th consecutive year.

Selection to this year’s Top 20 Leadership Training Providers list was based on the following criteria:

  • Thought leadership and influence within the training industry
  • Industry recognition and innovation
  • Breadth of programs and range of audiences served
  • Delivery methods offered
  • Company size and growth potential
  • Quality and number of clients
  • Geographic reach
  • Experience serving the market

The AMA Advantage:

The information shared with AMA training partners, like the Business School Inc. through AMA’s extensive Research, allows our expert instructors to deliver the latest business thinking and leading edge insights using case studies, white papers, interactive tools and templates. You can be assured that your skillset will be kept up to date and your marketability enhanced.

An AMA certification not only enhances business skills, but also provides prestige and professional recognition.

The Business School Inc. is proud of its assocation with AMA, see here:

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Our AMA Business Training Solutions:

Find the one that’s right for you!

  • General Management
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Administrative Professional

General Management:

The Modules selected for this Certification Program provide the background, real-world examples, practical applications, and numerous exercises to help prepare managers to perform in key areas needed to maintain business momentum.

An AMA certificate in General Management: demonstrates your ability to contribute to corporate growth on a more strategic level and to play a greater role in managing the company’s profitability.

Course Modules:

  • Communication Skills for Managers
  • Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
  • Planning and Managing Change
  • Managing and Achieving Organisational Goals
  • How to be an effective facilitator

Strategic Leadership:

The Modules selected for this Certification Program provide the background, real-world examples, practical applications, and numerous exercises to help prepare aspiring leaders at any leadership level in an organization and in any type of organization.

An AMA certificate in Strategic Leadership:

  • Enables participants to Successfully Transition from Manager to Leader
  • Provides the tools and techniques needed to effectively align organizational activities with the organisation’s vision and mission.
  • Ensures participants understand the importance of continuous improvement and how to balance risks when seeking a better way

Course Modules:

  • Leadership skills for Managers
  • How to develop the Strategic Plan
  • Managing and Achieiving Organisational Goals
  • Planning and Managing Change
  • How to be an effective facilitator

Human Resources:

The human resources function has grown into an influential, collaborative member of the core management team.

The Modules selected for this Certification Program provide the background, real-world examples, practical applications, and numerous exercises address typical everyday issues that drive HR practitioners.

An AMA certificate in Human Resources:
Provides managers with the essential skills needed to successfully maximize the role of HR in their organizations. Human Resources Certificate Courses provide a timely context for demonstrating how the HR function can be a significant contributor to any organization in dealing with many of today’s workplace challenges.

Course Modules:

  • Fundamentals of Human Resources
  • Performance Management
  • Communication Skills for Managers
  • Planning and Managing Change
  • Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

Administrative Professional:

The “administrative assistant’s job” now requires not only complete mastery of office skills, superior human relations insight, and extraordinary communication skills, but also the ability to keep the whole operation running smoothly.

The Modules selected for this Certification Programme strengthen your decision-making, interpersonal communication, listening, people and time management skills.

An AMA certificate in the Administrative Professional field adequately provides the skills needed for the breadth and depth of the tasks you must actually manage.

Course Modules:

  • Skills for Success: A Guide for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants
  • Communication Skills for Managers
  • How to be an effective facilitator
  • Managing and Achieving Organisational goals

Assessment Activities will typically include in-class assessments, and an end of Module Multiple Choice Examination and Case Study.

Class durations are 24 hours per module.

Students have the option of choosing among several concentrations. These include General Management, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Administrative Professional and Project Management. Each program of study incorporates core modules/courses. Each student must successfully complete 5 courses/modules in order to receive the joint certificate in management from The American Management Association and The Business School.

The methods of assessment vary from course to course but will typically include a multiple choice examination and an examination case study. The tutor will often supplement the required assessments with other methods of in-class assessment.

Each class requires twenty-four (24) contact hours, two hours each week for a total of twelve weeks. The final examination is usually held in the thirteenth week. Students must score seventy five percent (75%) in each assessment.

Courses are tutor-led and interactive. The tutor supplements the provided text with practical exercises and personal experiences. Students are encouraged to share their personal experiences and ideas, relating the underlying theory to their everyday environment.


  • Applicants must be at least 17 years old.
  • Non-employed applicants must have four (4) passes, including English A and Mathematics, at the Caribbean Examinations Council (CSEC) examinations.

The four passes must not include any of the following:

  1. Food and Nutrition
  2. Needlework
  3. Clothing and Textiles
  4. Electronics
  5. Drawing
  6. Metal Work
  7. Technical Drawing
  8. Art or religious knowledge
  • Certification from vocational institutions such as GTI or Critchlow Labor College will be considered
  • Employees selected by employers will be automatically accepted
  • Employed individuals in non-management positions must produce their employment history for consideration

Applicants who are accepted on the program must complete the following registration procedures:

  1. Complete an application/registration form.
  2. Pay the application/registration fee of $5000 (non-refundable).
  3. Pay the tuition fee for the program before the commencement of classes.
  4. Obtain a TBS Student Identification Card (at a cost $700.00).

Students who delay registration before the published deadline may be required to pay a late registration fee of $4000.00

Registration and late registration deadlines will be published.

Students can also register for individual courses each semester but must complete the program in a maximum of six terms.


Students desirous of attending the program must apply before February 6th for the February – May term. At the time of application, a non-refundable fee of five thousand Guyana dollars (G$5,000.00) must be paid at the school’s administrative office. Applications received after the February 6th deadline will require an additional late fee of 4000 thousand Guyana dollars (G$4,000.00), giving a total of nine thousand Guyana dollars (G$9,000.00). At the time of application, students should provide proof that they meet the minimum requirements as set out in the previous section. Copies of certificates are required for non-employed/non-sponsored applicants. Copies of certificates and recommendation letters are required from employed/sponsored applicants.

A Manager’s Guide To Human Behavior
one multiple choice examination
one examination case
Communication Skills For Managers
one multiple choice examination
Leadership Skills For Executives
one multiple choice examination
What Managers Do
one multiple choice examination
one examination case
Finance and Accounting For Non-Financial Managers
one multiple choice examination
The Job of The Accounting Manager
one multiple choice examination
A Manager’s Guide To Financial Analysis
one multiple choice examination
Fundamentals of Marketing
one multiple choice examination
one examination case
How To Write the Marketing plan
one multiple choice examination
Skills For Success: A Guide for Secretaries And Administrative Assistants
one multiple choice examination
one examination case
Occupational Health, Safety and Security
one multiple choice examination
IT For Executive Secretaries
one multiple choice examination
Fundamentals of Human Resources
one multiple choice examination
Gen. Management
Fund. Of Human Resources
What Managers Do
Leadership Skills For Execs.
Fin. And Acct. for Non-Fin Man
Comm. Skills For Man
Man. Guide To Fin. Analysis*
Sales & Marketing
Fundamentals of Marketing
What Managers Do
Leadership Skills For Execs
Fin. And Acct. for Non-Fin Man.
Comm. Skills For Man
Writing the Marketing Plan*
Human Resource
Fund. Of Human Resources
A Man. Guide To Human Beh
Leadership Skills for Execs
Fin. And Acct. for Non-Fin Man.
Comm. Skills For Man
Occ. Health, Safety & Sec.*
Project Management
Successful Project management
What Managers Do
How to build high Performance Teams
Fin. & Acct for Non-Fin man
Fund. of Purchasing
Project Appraisal*
Admin Professional
Fund. Of Human Resources
Skills For Success
Leadership Skills For Execs
Fin. And Acct. for Non-Fin Man
Comm. Skills For Man.
IT For Executive Secretaries*
Finance & Accounting
Fin. And Acct. for Non-Fin Man.
What Managers Do
Man. Guide To Fin. Analysis
Fund. Of Human Resources
The Job of the Acc. Man.
Leadership Skills For Execs

Can I study for more than one certificate program at a time?

Yes, you can. Each class is scheduled not to clash with other classes. Students opting to complete more than one certificate program in a year can expect to attend approximately three (3) two (2) hours classes per week. You will observe that certificate programs have several courses/modules in common, and this is taken into consideration when determining the fees such students must pay.

How recognized is this program?

The American Management Association is the leading and largest management development association in The United States of America. They have been delivering superior management training for over eighty years. Programs of a similar nature are offered by universities and community colleges in the US and Canada. Recently, AMA was listed on Business Week’s List of Twenty Best Executive Management Education Programs in the US. AMA was the only non-university program on the list. For details see
The Business School is one of the oldest private schools in Guyana. We have twenty-five years of experience in the training business.

What is the program timetable like?

Typically, two (2) classes per week are required. Each class is two hours in duration. The timetable caters for students who work full-time, and, therefore, classes are held after 5pm during the week and on Saturdays.

Can payment be made monthly?

Yes. The monthly fee for students completing the program in one year is sixteen thousand dollars ($18,000.00). This is the fee for tuition and text. Students who pay monthly should be aware that textbooks remain the property of The Business School until full term fees (three monthly installments) are paid.

Is it possible to complete the program in less than one year?

Some students can take advantage of how the program is timetabled to complete their certificate program in less than one year. However, this is not guaranteed. Students must complete all of the required courses in their certificate program in order to qualify for the Certificate in Management.

Is it possible to complete the program in two years?

Yes. Some students who find it difficult to attend classes two times per week often choose to complete the program in two years. With this option, students take one course/module per term and pay a term fee of twenty two thousand five hundred dollars ($22,500.00). Payment by month is not an option in this case. It is imperative that students complete the program in two years.

Who are the lecturers on the program?

Lecturers vary depending on the courses offered each term.

How can I access the AMA website to verify TBS’s relationship?

The Business School is listed along with other accredited colleges and universities at

How does this program compare to a degree program?

This is a non-degree program. The program is suitable for students who have a degree or students who do not.

Are additional fees charged for examinations?

Yes. Each AMA course examination costs US$25.00. Payment is made in US currency. A deadline for collection of examination fees is usually set for approximately three weeks before the exam.

At what date should payments be made?

Payments should be made at the beginning of the term/month/year before students commence classes. This is the school policy and students are strongly encouraged to meet this deadline.

Can students be given refunds?

The school has a strict refund policy. Refunds are not given.

One Time Fees (Payable At Registration)

  1. Application/Registration Fee
  2. Identification Card

$  5,000
$      700

Tuition and Text (Payable Before Commencement of Classes)

  1. Option 1
  2. Option 2
  3. Option 3

$140,000 (Annual fee)
$  75,000 (Term fees )
$  27,000 (Monthly fees)

(2 Payments)
(6 Monthly Payments)

Examination Fees

  1. An examination fee of US$25.00 is charged per AMA Course.
  2. Review of examinations cost US$10.00.
  3. The charge to re-write an examination is US$25.00 per exam.
  4. All tuition fees are subject to 14% VAT

The Business School has a no refund policy.